MySpace has a new CEO

Source: Webware

Owen Van Natta, a former Facebook exec, is now CEO of MySpace.


Facebook Site Governance Vote results are in

Source: The Facebook Blog

74.4% of voters chose the new “Facebook Principles and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities” over the old Terms of Use that were put in place a few months ago.

According to the Facebook Blog, 600,000 people voted. Presuming there are 200 million Facebook users, this equals a voter turnout of 0.3%.

So long Geocities, 1995 will miss you

Source: Techcrunch

I don’t think anyone is surprised by this, but Geocities is no longer accepting new clients. Your existing Geocities page will be shut down later this year.

App Store hits 1 Billion

Source: Techcrunch

After only 9 months, the Apple App Store hit 1 Billion downloads. Impressive. I’d like to think I helped in my own small way.

Twitter DMs are being misdelivered

Source: Techcrunch

In an unfortunate bug, Direct Messages on Twitter are occasionally being sent to the wrong user. You might want to hold off on DMing until this is worked out.

Gmail lets you view PPTs and TIFFs inside the browser

Source: Official Gmail Blog


Gmail will now open Powerpoint and TIFF files right in the browser. Amazing.

NYTimes columnist thinks twitter is a waste of time

via: @jonathanstark

Good article up on from the New York Times about Twitter. The columnist clearly does not think Twitter is worthwhile.

After reading that one, try this one, a fictitious interview with Alexander Graham Bell about creating the telephone.