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Facebook to open up it’s content

Source: Techcrunch

After years of holding it’s (ok, your) content closed off from external sites, Facebook will announce tomorrow that it will begin allowing 3rd party sites access to data. This could be HUGE.

Ten bucks says most facebook users hate this idea (like every other change to the service).


So long Geocities, 1995 will miss you

Source: Techcrunch

I don’t think anyone is surprised by this, but Geocities is no longer accepting new clients. Your existing Geocities page will be shut down later this year.

App Store hits 1 Billion

Source: Techcrunch

After only 9 months, the Apple App Store hit 1 Billion downloads. Impressive. I’d like to think I helped in my own small way.

Twitter DMs are being misdelivered

Source: Techcrunch

In an unfortunate bug, Direct Messages on Twitter are occasionally being sent to the wrong user. You might want to hold off on DMing until this is worked out.