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Google Maps Swine Flu mashup helps keep you informed/afraid

Source: Lifehacker

If you need more ways to stay up to date on the spread of the Swine Flu, check out this cool google maps mashup that is tracking confirmed and suspected cases across the world:

You can also follow the commotion on twitter, or just check out today’s xkcd comic which will give you a good summary of what you’ll see on twitter.


FBI arrests Twitterer for threats

Source: Wired

FBI arrested @CitizenQuasar after he repeatedly made threats towards police and the government on his twitter page, including gems like “Send the cops around. I will cut their heads off the heads and throw the on the State Capitol steps.”

This is an interesting development, and one that just goes to show how important it is to be careful what you say online.

Twitter DMs are being misdelivered

Source: Techcrunch

In an unfortunate bug, Direct Messages on Twitter are occasionally being sent to the wrong user. You might want to hold off on DMing until this is worked out.

NYTimes columnist thinks twitter is a waste of time

via: @jonathanstark

Good article up on from the New York Times about Twitter. The columnist clearly does not think Twitter is worthwhile.

After reading that one, try this one, a fictitious interview with Alexander Graham Bell about creating the telephone.