Deposit checks with your telephone

Source: Gizmodo

If you are an NCR customer, you can now deposit checks just by taking pictures of them with your mobile phone. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.

I can’t wait until this goes mainstream.

Advertisements adds WoW-esque Achievements

Source: Webware

In the same way gamers can earn achievement points for completing tasks in video games, users will now earn points for achieving certain money saving goals.

I would love to try this out but Mint is still US only.

Google Maps Swine Flu mashup helps keep you informed/afraid

Source: Lifehacker

If you need more ways to stay up to date on the spread of the Swine Flu, check out this cool google maps mashup that is tracking confirmed and suspected cases across the world:

You can also follow the commotion on twitter, or just check out today’s xkcd comic which will give you a good summary of what you’ll see on twitter.

Facebook to open up it’s content

Source: Techcrunch

After years of holding it’s (ok, your) content closed off from external sites, Facebook will announce tomorrow that it will begin allowing 3rd party sites access to data. This could be HUGE.

Ten bucks says most facebook users hate this idea (like every other change to the service).

FBI arrests Twitterer for threats

Source: Wired

FBI arrested @CitizenQuasar after he repeatedly made threats towards police and the government on his twitter page, including gems like “Send the cops around. I will cut their heads off the heads and throw the on the State Capitol steps.”

This is an interesting development, and one that just goes to show how important it is to be careful what you say online.

Windows 7 RC to be released May 5th

Source: engadget

RC stands for Release Candidate, so it won’t be in stores on May 5th, but it will be finished pending any fatal bugs. now directs to

Source: News

You no longer need to type out the full to reach wordpress, does the trick. Those seconds saved are going to really add up.